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Sue Knorr

Certified Zone Health Coach

Do you want to lose weight, increase wellness, and slow the aging process?

I can help.

Nineteen years ago I lost 100 pounds with the Zone Diet. Prior to that time, after having tried many weight loss plans that failed me, I had resigned myself to the fact I would always be obese. The Zone changed everything. It allowed me to lose the weight while increasing my level of wellness, and equally important, it is the reason I have been able to keep off the excess weight to this day. Since then, in an effort to pay it forward I have been putting my extensive expert knowledge of Zone science and my love of working with people to good use by guiding countless others to success on their weight loss and wellness journeys. I am a Certified Zone Health Coach, with a certification in Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition. I will work together with you to tailor the Zone Diet and lifestyle to suit your needs, your likes, and your busy life.

We all possess the power to shape and change the paths of our lives. I am looking forward to the opportunity to share in your journey as your health coach.

The Zone Advantage:

Reducing diet-induced inflammation is the key to better health, but requires following an anti-inflammatory diet for a lifetime.

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    Weight loss

    To lose excess body fat, you have to reduce insulin resistance caused by diet-induced inflammation.

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    The secret to maintaining wellness is to reduce chronic diet-induced inflammation in every organ in your body.

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    Athletic Performance

    Reducing inflammation is the key to recovery and better performance.

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    Your rate of aging is determined by the levels of chronic inflammation in your body. An anti-inflammatory diet can help.

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